Yes, there is still a market for value-add construction. In fact, value-add construction is a growing trend in the construction industry. Value-add construction involves taking an existing property and making improvements to increase its value, whether it be through renovations, upgrades, or additions.

There are several reasons why value-add construction remains a popular market:

  1. Cost-effective: Value-add construction can be a more cost-effective option than new construction. It often involves reusing existing infrastructure, which can save money on materials and labor costs.

  2. Sustainability: Value-add construction is a more sustainable option since it reuses existing structures rather than building new ones.

  3. Demand: There is a high demand for value-add construction in many markets, particularly in urban areas where the supply of land is limited.

  4. Profit potential: Value-add construction has the potential for higher returns on investment, since the improvements made to the property can increase its value and appeal to tenants or buyers.

In summary, value-add construction can be a smart investment for developers and investors looking to improve the value and appeal of existing properties. It is a growing market that offers potential for cost savings, sustainability, and profitability.