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Cyber Security and Systems Engineering

We are currently supporting a DoD contract to provide services in support of the development and implementation of Virtual Secure Enclaves (VSEs) to deliver cyber and information security capabilities for Maritime Operation Center (MOC) systems, applications and infrastructure.  We are providing engineering, technical, functional and program management services with professionals that have extensive joint and maritime subject matter expertise, and operational experience.  Our resources are focused on supporting the development and implementation of cyber security applications and infrastructure to enable secure Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) capabilities and services for maritime operations that are planned and executed through Maritime Operations Centers.


On another project in support of VSEs for maritime operations, we recently completed a study to support development and implementation of communications and collaboration capabilities for deployment in a closed and isolated expeditionary C4I network in support of maritime operations. For this project, we provided engineering, technical and project management services with resources experienced in joint and maritime operations.